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                中文版 ENGLISH

                About Kranz

                Focusing on the management of the air sector, Kranz is committed to providing customers with system solutions that are highly efficient and low in energy consumption, while paying attention to the operating costs and safe maintenance of the entire life cycle of the equipment.




                Entreprise News

                Krantz actively participates in industry activities


                and achieved many results


                In the business philosophy, Kranz pays attention to the development of personnel training.
                Social value is an important mission of the company's sustained and rapid development. The realization of social value is inseparable from human creation. Human resources are the company's first resource, and talent is the company's most valuable asset. Krantz always adheres to the "people-oriented" concept, provides employees with a broad development platform, and provides rich rewards for the hard work of employees. Krantz continues to deepen the employee incentive system, improve the level of compensation and benefits, and maximize the initiative of employees. Sex and creativity make the value of employees fully reflected.